Mass Area Cocaine Anonymous (MACA) Announcements 5/5/19 – 7/14/19

  • MACA Cookout Speaker Jam is planned for Sunday 8/11/2019 at Houghton’s Pond in Milton, MA at Site #4 (Behind Volleyball Court) from 10am-4pm – Flyers coming soon!!
  • The Cambridge CA meetings on Tuesday and Friday Night need Support – All Welcome!!
  • Hospitals and Institutions always need volunteer speakers. Need 3 months sober to speak and 6 months sober to chair. All are welcome! Just show up or contact our new H&I Chairperson Charlie C. via phone at 617-599-9844 or email at
  • The Women’s Place commitment which CA has supported for many years needs support and female speakers – held the 3rd Sunday of every month 7-8pm (contact Charlie C. for more information please)
  • Next MACA Meeting is July 14, 2019 at 6:15pm 3rd floor conference center Cambridge Health Alliance, 1493 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA – Great way to get involved in service work!! Please contact Caroline B. for more information.
  • The CA World Convention is being held July 4-8, 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden. Go to the World Website at for convention details and registration. Several MACA members are attending!!
  • Atlantic North Regional Convention is being planned now for March 2020 in Niagara Falls area. Anyone who wants to get involved please contact Caroline B. or Atlantic North Region Trustee – George M at for more information!!
  • MACA Hotline number is 617-539-6090 and the website is for more information about CA, meetings, commitments, upcoming events and announcements!!

Massachusetts Meetings:

  • Tuesday – “No Matter What” 7:30-8:30pm at The Cambridge Hospital Macht Building – Rm 143
  • Friday – “Freedom to Choose” 7:00-8:15pm at The Cambridge Hospital Macht Bldg – 2nd Floor Auditorium
  • Sunday – “Any Lengths” 7:30-8:45pm at the 1st Baptist Church in Norwood
  • Sunday – “Recovery Unity Service” 7:00-8:15pm at St. David’s Episcopal in Agawam


Honesty, open-mindedness and willingness are three spiritual principles at the foundation of our recovery. Without them, a solution cannot be reached. They are not items on a list to be checked off, one at a time. Rather, they become characteristics of our new lease on life. As we become more open-minded, we also become more willing. As our willingness increases, so does our honesty. Our progress is not measured by comparing ourselves to others—only to our previous selves. As we learn to embrace these principles and practice them in all our affairs, the pathway to freedom begins to shine before us. – From CA Pamphlet “Honesty, Open-mindedness, and Willingness” at