Mass Area Cocaine Anonymous (MACA) Announcements 7/14/19 – 9/8/19

  • CA Meeting in Springfield, MA – Closed Until Further Notice
  • MACA Cookout Speaker Jam is planned for Sunday 8/11/2019 at Houghton’s Pond in Milton, MA at Site #4 (Behind Volleyball Court) from 10am-4pm – Kid and Dog Friendly!! Please bring your own beach or camping chairs and bring a potluck dish for everyone to share.
  • The Cambridge CA meetings on Tuesday and Friday Night need Support – All Welcome!!
  • Hospitals and Institutions always need volunteer speakers. Need 3 months sober to speak and 6 months sober to chair. All are welcome! Just show up or contact our new H&I Chairperson Charlie C. via phone at 617-599-9844 or email at
  • The Women’s Place commitment which CA has supported for many years needs support and female speakers – held the 3rd Sunday of every month 7-8pm (contact Charlie C. for more information please)
  • Next MACA Meeting is Sunday – September 8, 2019 at 5:00pm on 3rd floor conference room the Cambridge Health Alliance Hospital, 1493 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA – Great way to get involved in service work!! Please contact Diana P. or Caroline B. for more information.
  • Annual Elections for all MACA positions will be held at the September meeting!! Please consider serving on MACA Board for one year – we meet every 2 months and work to support Mass Area CA meetings by doing Public Information, managing Hotline & Website, supplying literature & meeting lists, and coordinating H & I commitments in the area.
  • Atlantic North Regional Convention is planned for March 13-15, 2020 in Niagara Falls, New York. Anyone who wants to get involved please contact Caroline B. or Atlantic North Region Trustee – George M at for more information!!
  • MACA Hotline number is 617-539-6090 and the website is for more information about CA, meetings, commitments, upcoming events and announcements!!

Massachusetts Meetings:

  • Tuesday – “No Matter What” 7:30-8:30pm at The Cambridge Hospital Macht Building – Rm 143
  • Friday – “Freedom to Choose” 7:00-8:15pm at The Cambridge Hospital Macht Bldg – 2nd Floor Auditorium
  • Sunday – “Any Lengths” 7:30-8:45pm at the 1st Baptist Church in Norwood

It is the common experience for many of us to feel like we didn’t fit in anywhere. Drugs gave us that instantaneous feeling of belonging. When we get sober, that drug-induced feeling of belonging disappears. Finding a group of sober people we can relate to is a new start for us. We go to meetings as often as possible, preferably every day. Before long, we find we are most comfortable at one particular meeting. Because we feel “at home” there, we join the home group and commit to attending regularly. Other home group members get to know who we are, and we get to know them. We never have to be alone again. On a bad day, we find there is usually someone there who understands and who can help us get through it sober. – From CA Pamphlet “The Home Group” at