New Meeting Starter Kits

Cocaine Anonymous has starter kits available to help support the creation of new meetings. If you are interested in starting a Cocaine Anonymous meeting in your area please contact Cocaine Anonymous World Services at this link-> starter kit .

CA World Services Convention

Cocaine Anonymous World Services (CAWS) hosts a convention every year over the Memorial Day weekend. Click this link for more information:

Area Meeting Schedule

The Board of Directors of Cocaine Anonymous of Massachusetts, Inc. along with designated representatives from the meeting fellowships that make up the Massachusetts area meets on the 2nd Sunday of odd numbered months.

CAMI Board Elections

Elections for the Cocaine Anonymous of Massachusetts, Inc. (CAMI) Board of Directors will be held annually at the September meeting. All postions are up for election. They include: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, H&I Chair, Literature Chair, Public Information Chair, Helpline Chair, Webservant and Delegates.

Cocaine Anonymous is a 12 step based fellowship founded in Los Angeles in 1982. Today it is an international organization with Europe experiencing rapid growth. In this day it is common for a man or woman to be involved in the use of more than one drug including alcohol. It is our experience that rarely is someone using just one substance in their addiction. As a result we welcome all seeking recovery who may be using any drug at all including alcohol. Many of our members have never used cocaine. Our members can freely speak about their experience with any drug and feel that they are in the right place. Our members strive to live "in the solution", not the past, and in so doing it doesn't matter what drugs were used.

The basis for all Cocaine Anonymous meetings is the use of the "Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous".  This allows those of us whose life became unmanageble through the use of any drug, including alcohol, to incorporate the positive message of recovery found in this book into our program of recovery. Furthermore, it allows us to leverage the long term sobriety as experienced by the many people throughout the world who have had a spiritual awakening and have found a new way of life based on the program of recovery outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Members of Cocaine Anonymous come for the safe and welcoming environment that encourages them to speak freely about their experience with any drug they may have used. Members of Cocaine Anonymous stay for the continued personal growth and long term safety of recovery as is provided by the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

For Family & Friends

Cocaine Anonymous is a Fellowship of, by, and for addicts seeking recovery. Friends and family of addicts should contact Co-Anon Family Groups, a Fellowship dedicated to their much different needs.


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